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Learn How to Use Networking to Produce Results in Business and in Life (CTGE 442R, CEUs: 0.6)

NOTE: Fall 2003 was the last semester of the
Enterprise and E-commerce Management Program

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Learn How to Use Networking to Produce Results in Business and in Life (CTGE 442R, CEUs: 0.6)

People frequently want to know how they can network more effectively – how to make more contacts in less time and meet the right people. They often don’t realize that much of their time is wasted from lack of focus in their networking efforts, having conversations that don’t further their goals, and missing opportunities as a result of poor follow-up and referral practices.

In this course you will learn how to produce powerful results in any area of your life by using networking as a catalyst.  This course will teach you:

  • How to create a clear vision of the results you want to produce with networking
  • Identify events that will put you in the same circles with the people you want to meet
  • How to tap into layers of your network and find resources you didn’t know you could access
  • Practical skills for opening and closing conversations
  • How to use any situation to fulfill on your goals, both in your business and personal life
  • How helping other people reach their goals will help you reach yours

Activities include interactive discussion of various networking techniques; practice sessions for networking skills; creative sessions for defining goals and identifying resources . Expect 5-6 hours of outside class time to complete preparation and homework assignments.

Required reading

  • Creating a list of “People” resources that you have access to
  • A list of goals that you have within each of these four categories: Business, Home, Social Causes, Relationships

Prerequisites: minimum 2-3 years business experience; significant access to the Web for both e-mail and surfing; desire to understand how e-commerce affects all aspects of companies, not just how to implement a tactical solution. e-commerce management resource from

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