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NOTE: Fall 2003 was the last semester of the
Enterprise and E-commerce Management Program

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Fall 2003 Enterprise & E-Commerce Management Certificate Program
Course, Schedule and Fee Summary

You need to take 12.0 CEUs (120 classroom hours) to obtain the ECM certificate. This is comprised of 7 CEUs or required courses and any combination of elective courses totaling at least 5 CEUs. To determine what elective courese to take, focus in on the acheivement award that best suits your desired area of specialization.



(51 course hours [5 courses] - 70 Required Hours Needed for the Certificate - can use elective courses below as a required course) - Fall 2003




Enterprise and E-Commerce Management: The Big Picture
  • Monday 10/13 & Friday 10/17 (9:00a-5:00p) Lundy Campus
    Course #: 15CTGE44301
    CEUs: 1.4, Cost: $450
    (Includes Free $30 Book)
Mitchell Levy
Successfully Managing E-Commerce Projects Within Your Company
  • Monday 10/13& Wednesday 10/15 (6:00p-9:30p) Lundy Campus
    Course #: 15CTGE44201
    CEUs: 0.7, Cost: $295
Todd Parsons
Customer Service: The Key to Building a Wildly Successful Business
  • Thursday 10/16 (9:00a-4:00p)Lundy Campus
    Course #: 15CTGE443X31
    CEUs: 0.6, Cost: $275

Francoise Tourniaire

New Models for New Markets
  • Saturdays 11/1 & 11/15 (9:00a-4:00p) Lundy Campus
    Course #: 15CTGE443D31
    CEUs: 1.2, Cost: $355
Mitchell Levy
Thinking Outside the Box
  • Tuesday 12/2 and Thursday 12/18 (6:30p-9:30p) Lundy Campus
    Course #: 15CTGE443G01
    CEUs: 1.2, Cost: $355
Mitchell Levy


(40 course hours [6 courses] available in Fall 2003,
50 elective hours needed for the Certificate) - Fall 2003


25+ Internet Marketing Techniques
  • Tuesday 9/23 (9:00a-5:00pm) Lundy Campus
    Course #: 15CTGE445O01
    CEUs: 0.7, Cost: $295
Mitchell Levy
Learn How to Use Networking to Produce Results in Business and in Life
  • Wednesday 10/1 (9:00a-5:00p) Lundy Campus
    Course #: 01CTGE442R31
    CEUs: 0.6, Cost: $275
Derinda Gaumond
Online Brand Building
  • Tuesday 10/14 (9:00a-4:00p) Lundy Campus
    Course #: 15CTGE443J31
    CEUs: 0.6, Cost: $275
Christina Cheney

Tools for Effective Selling in Today's Economy

  • Wednesday 10/15 (9:00a-5:00p) Lundy Campus
    Course #: 15CTGE442Z01
    CEUs: 0.7, Cost: $295

Michael Griego

Organizational Alignment
  • Saturday 10/18 (9:00a-5:00p) Lundy Campus
    Course #: 15CTGE442M31
    CEUs: 0.7, Cost: $295
Gwen Hanna
Emerging Financial Technologies and Standards
  • Mondays 10/27 and 11/3 (6:00p-9:30p) Lundy Campus
    Course #: 15CTGE442M31
    CEUs: 0.7, Cost: $295
Patt Bhatt


Advanced ECM Certificate

  • 20 CEUs Total
  • Comprised of the ECM Certificate plus 2-3 Achievement Awards


If you haven't already done so, please check out our 5 Achievement Awards

or check out the Enterprise Management Boot Camp e-commerce management resource from

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