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Creating Business Models and Strategy the Ensure Success (CTGE 442V, CEUs: 1.0)

NOTE: Fall 2003 was the last semester of the
Enterprise and E-commerce Management Program

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Creating Business Models and Strategy the Ensure Success (CTGE 442V, CEUs: 1.0)

We have been looking for the answer of what drives value for a company since companies have started. In the industrial age, business models changed very infrequently. In today's environment, business models change so frequently that management has a difficult time figuring out what models to deploy and which models to avoid. Acting on the wrong model, or not acting quickly enough, can lead to significant financial or opportunity loss, and potentially being forced out of business. We need a framework to help us figure out how to create optimum and lasting value from our business.

This course will help you determine the business model(s) to deploy and successfully execute your company's strategy. You will explore the business processes, transaction types and participants that need to be combined to create the model that can be deployed, managed and evolved over time. As the strategy evolves, so do the models. This course will:

  •  Present a framework to simplify the execution of successful strategy

  •  Examine case studies of best practice, key successes, and failures explained

  •  Use hands-on exercises that will guide you in applying the value equation to your business and others

You will walk away with the 50,000-foot understanding of the combination of strategy and business models necessary to drive business success and a ground floor practical knowledge of how to go about applying the value equation yourself.

Activities include: Group exercises both in class and for homework, applying the framework to your department, division, company and/or other companies.

Required reading: The book, specifically chapter 3, is required reading for this course. The Value Framework™ Workbook, by Mitchell Levy which will be provided to students for free contains chapter three from

Prerequisites: None e-commerce management resource from

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