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NOTE: Fall 2003 was the last semester of the
Enterprise and E-commerce Management Program

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ECM Certificate Program Quotes & Feedback


"There are two things someone should look for when thinking about a program like this, education and networking. There is no other program in the world that can match the networking and education opportunities in the ECM program. Take a look at our faculty, they are all working professionals. Their knowledge coupled with the quality of fellow students bring an unparalleled networking and learning environment."
Mitchell Levy, Program Founder, Consultant and Faculty Member, Author,

"Dear ECM-instructors,

Now that I am back in the Netherlands and will start a new job tomorrow, I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights with me! The ECM-program has made it possible for me to enter the world of e-commerce. I'll be Marketing Manager at, a provider of financial services via the web.

Thank you once again!"
Eveline Scheren, SJSU-PD ECM Certificate Program Graduate

"Being here in the States and attending these courses, learning, this whole chapter of my life is somehow a dream of mine continued into real life. I am so lucky that I am getting the chance to connect with such talented and experienced people whom are willing to share."
Serean Kimel, SJSU-PD ECM Certificate Program Graduate

" a unique learning opportunity that could not be missed ... I have also gained invaluable exposure to the minds of the leaders in the E-Commerce world here in Silicon Valley."
Larry Caldera, SJSU-PD ECM Certificate Program Graduate

"I've learned a tremendous amount in a relatively short period of time... the resource information provided in the classroom materials are very useful, and classroom participation and sharing of information between the students is also very valuable."
Lillian MacMinn, Prospective SJSU-PD ECM Graduate

"I hope you all enjoyed class today. There is so much to experience and so much room for growth. I wish everyone in this group has as wonderful a time in this program as I have been having. I've been excited and overwhelmed and even frustrated and it's all so inspirational."
Serean Kimel, SJSU-PD ECM Certificate Program Graduate

"The skills we learn are timeless. I don't mean the temporary advantage of the knowing the latest code but the long term commerce applications. ECM is another way to sell, another way to make a profit. It as also another way to communicate your business needs, and a new way to motivate the sales force."
Mike Hennigan, SJSU-PD ECM Certificate Program Graduate

"After going to just a couple of courses I gained the important nomenclature and lingo needed to effectively communicate the knowledge I already had"
Bill Webb, SJSU-PD ECM Certificate Program Graduate

"After one intensive quarter in the ECM program, I was offered multiple positions at both start-up and mature companies in the industry."
Chuck Gilbert, SJSU-PD ECM Certificate Program Graduate

"After completing the first session of the class "How to Influence the Influencers", Christopher Emerson, was able to pitch television station on a story about the himself and the ECM program and inspired KPIX Chanel 5 news to come to the classroom and run a story with 4 days of his original pitch."
Bob Ferri, ECM Program Faculty Member

"After one night in the course, my eyes were instantly opened to the problems and potential issues that my team were in the middle of."
Julie Clarke, SJSU-PD ECM Certificate Program Graduate

"Thank you for bringing breath as well as depth to the program. Your efforts are quite evident in the quality of ECM curriculum."
Max Lloyd, San Jose State (SJSU-PD) ECM Certificate Candidate

"Learning what I did and getting my certificate is valuable to my future, and having gotten to know you was really quite wonderful. Thank you Mitchell."
Melita Bena, SJSU-PD ECM Certificate Program Graduate

"Mitchell is one of the foremost voices in e-business today. His insights are accurate and timely."
Christina Cheney, President, Simmedia, ECM Faculty Member e-commerce management resource from

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