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Comdex Spring 2000 Occurred on April 17-18, 2000

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Symposium Agenda


DAY 1 (Monday, April 17, 2000):

9:00-10:15  Keynote:, Inc.: From Shelf Space to Cyberspace

  •  Jerry Kaplan, CEO,, Inc.

Jerry Kaplan, CEO of will discuss the three critical dimensions of building a successful e-commerce company: Creating a unique brand identity and market position; attracting an audience of buyers with similar behavior and needs; and building strong customer loyalty. These three factors provide the framework for market leadership in on-line retailing.


10:30-12:00 E-Commerce Foundation and Strategy

  • Panel Chair: Mitchell Levy, President, Publisher

  •  Alfred Chuang, President & COO, BEA Systems

  •  Phil Levinson, President, Chairman & Co-founder, Camdens

Setting strategies and priorities is more important than the technology you choose for e-commerce. Led by Symposium Chair Mitchell levy, our panel of experts will help you understand how to build your e-commerce strategy. Panelists will also define the working e-commerce models for large and small companies and prepare you for your next steps.


12:15-12:45 Luncheon Keynote – The B2B Revolution

  • Dave Perry, President and CEO Chemdex Corporation

David Perry, President and CEO of Chemdex, will discuss the current foundation and the future of business to-business (B2B) e-commerce. This keynote will cover the fundamental difference between B2B and B2C, the evolution of Internet Market Makers and how these companies are revolutionizing the way companies do business, how Internet Market Makers will employ different approaches and business models to streamline the supply chain in specific vertical industries and the critical successful elements for B2B e-commerce.


1:00-2:15 Creating and Implementing an E-Commerce Project

  • Panel Chair: Matt Roche, President, Fort Point Partners

  • Ken Campbell, CEO, Centegy

  • Frank Getman, President & CEO, Houston Street Exchange

So what does it take to implement your e-commerce strategy? Our panel of experts who've 'been there' and 'done that' will show you the tricks of the trade and just what it takes to make your strategies working realities. Join us for this session and learn how to deliver that e-commerce project on time and on budget.

2:15-2:45 Break

2:45-4:00 Managing Your E-Commerce Partners

  • Panel Chair: Narry Singh, Partner, The McKenna Group

  • Susan Spector McPherson, Director of Strategic Development, Concur Technologies

  • Dave Deasy, Director of Marketing and Operations,

  • Mohit Mehrota, VP & GM Corporate Services Interaction, American Express 

To execute and maintain a successful e-commerce project requires finely tuned management skills. Do you have what it takes? Our panelists take on the questions of managing an e-commece project and help you understand outsourcing and staffing, building your team to meet business objectives and finding the right people and quality vendors to get the job done. We’ll also cover how to bring outsourced efforts in house so you can rapidly adapt in the constantly changing new economy.


4:15-5:30 Customer Service in the E-Commerce Space

  • Panel Chair: Ashu Roy, CEO & Co-Founder, eGain Communications

  • Robert LoCascio, CEO and Founder, LivePerson

  • Russ Cohn, CEO, Brigade Solutions, Inc.

  • Louis Lamoureux, Partner, Deloitte Consulting LLC

With a competitive price and comparable product only clicks away, one of the major defining points in the e-commerce world is good old-fashioned customer service. Whether you outsource the task or perform it in-house, how do you deliver the best quality customer service? We’ll discuss the steps you need to take to make your customer service second to none and keep customers coming back. We’ll also discuss some of the best in class.


6:00-6:30 Evening Keynote – Not all Vertical Markets are Created Equal

  • Mark Walsh, CEO, Verticalnet

With over 50 vertical Web sites catering to individual industries, VerticalNet is undoubtedly the Internet's premier owner and operator of business-to-business communities. VerticalNet’s unique blend of original editorial, e-commerce, partnered content and services make it the online marketplace for its audience. Mark Walsh will discuss how VerticalNet has reached this level of quality and service with these vertical markets. What works with vertical markets and what doesn’t? How does VerticalNet choose the right partners to deliver the information that thousands of visitors seek? And how do you keep these communities alive and thriving, and keep your audience coming back again and again?


DAY 2 (Tuesday, April 18, 2000):

9:00-10:30 New Models in the New World 

  • Panel Chair: Mitchell Levy, President, Publisher

  • Narry Singh, Partner, The McKenna Group

  • Jack Serfass, Co-Chairman, Co-Founder, Bowstreet

  • Andrew Krainin, Sr. VP Marketing,

What’s the real relationship between eyeballs and revenue? How can you capitalize upon your current infrastructure and future plans to create new and multiple revenue streams? Our panelists will discuss some of the new e-commerce business models and share their thoughts on what you should be doing to be successful in the new e-commerce enabled world.


10:45-12:00 Global Content is King

  •  Panel Chair: Jorden Woods, CEO, Global Sight Corporation

  •  Brad Husick, VP of Standards and Evangelism, Vignette

  •  Julie Harrington, VP Marketing, Technical Communities

  • Anita Ward, Managing Partner, Zeffer

The key to any good e-commerce site is content. Yet content can be the hardest piece to manage. Experts in the business will share their experiences to show you how to approach content strategically, manage the dynamic content cycle, and share their secrets of maintaining fresh content (a must for any site) even after the launch. We’ll also discuss how to adapt content to your changing global marketplace. If keeping your content fresh and pertinent is key to your business, don’t miss this session.


2:00-2:45 The Digital Divide

  • Bill Clinton, President, United State

President Bill Clinton addressed the Comdex crowd as part of his Digital Divide tour.


3:15-4:25 E-Commerce Brand-building

  • Panel Chair: Christina Cheney, President,

  • Rob Gemnell, Co-founder and Creative Director,

  • Paul Travis, Director, MetaDesign

Experts in on-line branding will help you understand what branding means in e-commerce. Through examples and stories from the field, we’ll show you how you build and evolve brand and survive co-branding. Our panelists will review on-line brand case studies to show you how critical branding is and how it has effected several sites.


3:00-3:35 Cool E-Commerce Tools

  • Panel Chair: Vic Vasan, Director of Emerging Technologies, Beyond Interactive

  • Heidi Messer, President and co-founder of LinkShare Corp.

  • Scott Eagle, VP Marketing,

We’ll show you how to build a store, a bulletin board, a discussion group, an affiliate marketing program, use a wallet and other e-commerce features with current off-the-shelf tools. We will compare and explore the different tools available, find out how to choose the right tool for your job and understand the power that some of these tools can put in your hands immediately.


3:40-4:25 Internet Marketing Techniques

  • Panel Chair: Mitchell Levy, President, Publisher

  • Cheryl Ho, Co-Founder, VP-Product Development, Linkshare Corp.

  • Tina Lally, VP Client Marketing Service Delivery, Rainmaker Systems

  • Geoff Smith, Senior Marketing Manager, Clickaction

  •  Jordan Berke, Director of Dialog Management, Beyond Interactive

Our experts will help you understand the "basic components" to which every Web site should adhere. We’ll Discuss a number of Internet marketing tactics and how they can apply to your company, including: search engine positioning, newsletter creation, on-line community participation, affiliate programs, banner advertising, contests, auctions, classified ads, plus more. Make your site stand out among its competitors. Join us for this critical discussion.


4:30-5:05 Case Study: Chemdex – On-line Starting Point for the Chemical Industry

  • Martha Greer, VP Marketing for Chemdex

Chemdex is arguably THE model of an industry portal. The Chemdex site its the starting point for anyone buying, selling, researching or just browsing the chemical industry. Martha Greer, VP Marketing for Chemdex will take us for a virtual tour of the Chemdex gateway and discuss how they did it and why. You’ll hear first hand how they built and continue to fuel this on-line community and how they are profiting from it.


5:05-5:30 Wrap-up Session

  •  Panel Chair: Mitchell Levy, President, Publisher

  • Martha Greer, VP Marketing for Chemdex

  • Anita Ward, Managing Partner, Zeffer

  • Tina Lally, VP Client Marketing Service Delivery, Rainmaker Systems

  • Geoff Smith, Senior Marketing Manager, Clickaction

  •  Jordan Berke, Director of Dialog Management, Beyond Interactive

Symposium Chair Mitchell Levy brings it all together in this Symposium Wrap-up. We’ll discuss what was learned and how to apply it to your business. Ask the questions you didn’t get to before and pose those that you’ve developed over the two days of intensive education. Mitchell and some of the other E-Commerce Symposium will also have some questions for you, and closing thoughts that will keep your creativity going well after the Symposium.  


5:30+ Special Last-Minute Added Bonus (1x1 Consulting)

  • Mitchell Levy, President, Publisher

  • Martha Greer, VP Marketing for Chemdex

  • Anita Ward, Managing Partner, Zeffer

  • Tina Lally, VP Client Marketing Service Delivery, Rainmaker Systems

  • Geoff Smith, Senior Marketing Manager, Clickaction

  •  Jordan Berke, Director of Dialog Management, Beyond Interactive

Panelist hung around to assist anyone in the audience with individual questions/consulting/concerns they may have had. e-commerce management resource from

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